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For Patients

Use our AI therapist chat app or find a professional nearby


All of your data is encrypted to HIPAA standards.

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Find a professional therapist nearby.

Personalized Care

Therapy tailored to your unique needs.

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For Providers - AI note taking

No need to install anything. Wellzy runs on your browser and mobile.

  • Step 1: Initiate any session

    Conduct sessions in-person, via any online calling platform, or within our app. Our adaptable smart features and integrations seamlessly integrate Wellzy into your current workflow.

  • Step 2: Choose your note template

    Select from various therapy note templates tailored for individuals or couples. Psychiatry note templates are also available.

  • Step 3: We generate your AI-assisted notes & insights

    Once the session is processed, you'll receive a draft to review and edit. Additionally, we provide extra data and insights through Session Analytics. Additional AI documentation options include Intake Notes and Treatment Plans.

  • Step 4: Transfer notes to your EHR

    After finalizing the note, simply copy and paste it into your EHR. With our browser extension, you can manage your EHR and copy notes within the same tab.

“Progress notes can be one of the most challenging tasks for a therapist. However, Wellzy has transformed it into a task that therapists can look forward to completing.”

Elmhurst Psychology Clinic Using Wellzy since 2024

Looking for therapy?

What Wellzy offers

AI Counselor

Get immediate support with our AI counselor. A secure and private chat bot, available 24/7. All your data is encrypted and no one has access to your chat history.

Find therapists nearby

Use our search tool to find professional therapists near you! Filter for location, insurance and more for the best options for you.

Empathy & understanding

Wellzy is designed to provide empathetic and non-judgmental support, helping you navigate life's challenges with understanding.

Learn new skills

Unlock the power of CBT to reframe your thinking or DBT to help manage emotions and reduce conflict in relationships.

Your most popular FAQs

Yes, AI therapy notes are designed to enhance the work of mental health professionals, allowing them to concentrate on the human aspects of care, such as being attuned and present. Upheal collaborates with a secure infrastructure provider and adheres to stringent security and privacy standards, which are regularly monitored and updated to comply with HIPAA, PHIPA, PHIPEDA, GDPR, SOC2, and other regulations. Learn more about our privacy and data security measures.
No, our AI therapist is designed for immediate support purposes only. It will even recommend professional therapists when it identifies that a higher level of care is needed. The AI therapist is a tool to complement, not replace, the invaluable expertise and human touch provided by professional therapists.
We uphold the ethical standards of the therapy process and adhere to rigorous privacy protocols. While it is necessary to process private session content to generate customized, insurance-compliant notes, all audio recordings are deleted by default. We employ multiple layers of protection, including organizational, infrastructural, and technical safeguards. We adhere to top security and privacy principles as outlined in the SOC2 framework and have been certified by an independent auditor. Learn more about our privacy practices here.
Definitely Yes, for patients looking for therapy, it is always free to use, for providers there is a trail period for the AI note taking feature and it is free to get listed in the search tool.

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